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Find talent beyond your orbit.

Access a global ecosystem of talent within one platform. Accelerate your active recruitment processes. Gain time and quality due to latest technology.

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Start finding instead of searching.

Atlas Source enables you to find the right candidates faster and more precisely, through an AI-powered search, algorithmic skill ratings and a collaborative recruiting platform.

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Success you can measure.

  • 100%

    Better collaborationwith Atlas Source allows you to search and evaluate together with your colleagues. Sharing, managing, and refining results in a team has never been easier.

  • 15%

    Target lists grow

  • 48+

    Countries to search

  • 80%

    Cost savings on average of your previous tools comparing to leading market software.

  • 20%

    increase on average candidate pool

  • 10x

    Higher reply rate

These statistics provide an average overview of what Atlas Source users reported back to us after using the tool for more than 2 months.

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beyond borders

Find talent that's new on your radar.

Discover talent on their native platforms to differentiate your services from others and raise your value to clients. With more than eight platforms which potential candidates actually use already implemented in our service and our platform grows every day, you will be amazed about the market reach that can you achieve.

  • Xing

    Professional Network

    A more regional crowd. Mostly Germans with great expertise known for their precise work attitude.

  • LinkedIn

    Professional Network

    Known for its crowdedness. Nearly every talent spends their time here on occasion.

  • ArtStation

    Artist Platform

    Are you trying to find any kind of artist? This is the place to be for concept artists, environment geniuses, 3D gurus and animation pros.

  • Stack Overflow

    Developer Platform

    Even the most experienced talent comes here to search for answers. This is where the talent was originally born.

  • GitHub

    Developer Platform

    The central for coders, developers, machine learners, AI specialists and data scientists. You are missing out if you didn't check for talent here.


    Job Platform

    Highly skilled freelancers for the German and European market.


    Job Platform

    Specialized on consultants from Germany for clients in Germany. Small platform with high quality talent.


    Job Platform

    Looking for highly experienced interim managers? On DDIM you will find them.

  • Many more

    Where would you like to search?

    Become part of Atlas Source and let our team know what platforms you would like to be added to our service. Together with our users we are constantly improving our tool.

More added frequently.

With every update there is more talent to discover.

Level up

Streamlining your daily challenges with reliable KPIs.

We work hard to provide the most relevant information on a candidate for you and your team. We developed powerful algorithms to calculate scores for candidates’ coding skills. By examining their public code repositories, we can give you a reliable rating of their experience with common programming languages like Python or JavaScript.

Scale up

Multi-Platform Search.

Unlock a world of talent with Atlas Source and combine your candidate search across multiple platforms and centralize everything in one tool. And with regular updates with newly added platforms, your talent pool keeps growing.

Gear up

Escape your bubble.

Sick of always getting the same results over and over again? We are sorry to tell you, but you might be trapped in a social bubble. With Atlas Source you can escape your current network by clicking one button. Our platform will deal with all unwanted boundaries.

Team up

Collaborate: Search and evaluate with your whole team.

Level up your performance with our collaboration tools. When using our talent pools you can save your favorite candidates, manage and share their profiles with your team and all colleagues can add or discard candidates and comment on all findings.

Big Data

Rich meta data

With our tool you will not only find the right candidates, but also find useful AI generated related search terms, information on candidates from multiple platforms and aggregated scores for various skills.

With the power of AI.

Our smart tools will help boost your recruiting journey so you can focus on your success and finding the perfect candidates.

Always improving.

We are a team of highly dedicated recruiting and tech enthusiasts with one goal: Creating the best collaborative recruiting tool for you. Period.

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The right place for recruiters.

Become part of Atlas Source and let our team know what platforms you would like to be added to our service. Together with our users we are constantly improving our tool.

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Frequently asked questions.

  • Why did we create Atlas Source?
    As most teams, we love to work with dedicated and passionate people. But rarely do you find the best talents in the town where you grew up (actually, we did, but this is another story). When we started looking for talents, we quickly discovered that recruiting takes a lot of time and energy. So we decided to build a tool that would speed up the process while making it more efficient. One idea led to another and a few months later Atlas Source was born.
  • How do I get started?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How is Atlas Source different from other services?
  • How do I collaborate in teams?
  • How do I integrate results with my database?

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always happy to assist you.